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Must Watch Playlist for NI Massive Beginners

If you’re like me, and tired of using presets on Sylenth1, Massive or (insert preferred synth here), then this YouTube playlist by thesoundtutor is a must watch. It’s over 4 years old, but the quality of the concepts introduced are priceless. You will initially learn how to combine different oscillators, how to mess with wavetable positions, and how to adjust Attack-Delay-Sustain-Release envelopes, but it will go deeper than that as you start to see all the various knobs/filters/effects route through each other. The take-away is that you can apply this knowledge to most other synths. Treat it primarily as a course in sound design, but if you’re actually looking at creating your own phat Dubstep/Glitch/Neuro bass then this will be twice as sweet. Enjoy!